99 Red Balloons …

Well ok not 99 ! but a good few accompanied little Miss Poppy and Mum & Dad to the faithful country park last week, I met Poppy when I shot her cake smash, she is a lovely little girl with a big personality, she has a real vintage look about her which I ADORE x


The outfit works perfectly although Poppy wasn’t 100% about the bow !!


Poppy’s Mum Kate has a great eye for design and detail and I just love these balloons with this pretty frock (it IS a frock dontcha think ?) and those curls !!!


Now i’ll let you into a secret.. this was one of those shoots that are more luck than judgement.. Poppy wasn’t really feeling herself AT ALL and really needed lots of Mummy cuddles, so I was really using Mum and Dad’s distractions skills and her Kryptonite.. cheese and raisins !!!!


Poppy did great, we took it at a slow pace and tried to keep it as lighthearted, Poppy had lots of cuddles and we managed to get some sweet shots x

I mean honestly LOOK AT THIS HAT !!!!


A few wandering dogs helped distract us with a wag of a tail and Poppy even fed one beautiful German Shepherd a biscuit !

We had a good stroll through the orchard ..


And then decided we were probably pushing our luck as Poppy was looking pretty fed up ! so we walked past the field and decided to have one last go ..

and then …

THIS HAPPENED !!!! I just love it ! Poppy totally rocked this all by herself ! ❤ it just go to show…working with children and probably animals is BRILLIANT !! and so rewarding !


Thanks so much Poppy xx