Made with LOVE


Meet Nicola & Dan, this ( as you may have guessed ) was their Wedding day.


In 2014 I had the pleasure of shooting their Wedding, it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was FULL of love, as a professional wedding photographer I hear a LOT of speeches ive built up immunity to Dads pride, Mum’s tears but this Wedding had me and my assistant sniffing back the tears from the beginning, it was genuinly moving and a really special day so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I received a text from Nicola


” Im so excited to have some baby pictures from you,  ive had my eye on your gorgeous baby pics since we ot married ” – tears again !!


Nicola had little Joshua on 31 March weighing 7lb 10 oz and we had booked me to shoot him on 7 April so he was still super sleepy, and flexible .


Isn’t he just gorgeous ?


He has the most amazing head of hair, you can actually style it .. he is going to be so cool ..


And that pout ! I could coo for hours x


Yesterday I received a LOVELY message from Grandad telling me he was so pleased I had produced the images and how proud he was of Joshua and Nicola & Dan, more tears !!

I blame all these hormones im exposed too .. and also my utterly fabulous clients x




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