For Jaylen

Hello ..

If we havent met im Emma .. I meet people and help them capture their special moments.. be it weddings or new babies every shoot is special and an honour, im lucky I have the best job.

Last week I was sent by a lovely lady called Nikki to photograph Jaylen, this shoot was extra special but I will let you watch this .. it may explain it better.

Now im sorry if you’re having to pretend you have something in your eye right now.. im glad it’s not just me !

But I wanted to share with you a truth that I have learned about memories ..

Memories count even if you have dirty faces.. look scruffy or are wearing pajamas & have messy hair..

DO NOT wait for the Perfect  moments ..

Capture the IMPERFECT  moments

Because those will be the ones ..that when you look back on the movie of your life

Are guaranteed to

Make you smile, laugh, cry  and wish you could go back for one last time the most !

Jaylens condition is complex, if you would like to know more about how he is doing.. offer support or say hi to his mum he has a Facebook page here.. please check it out .

thank you xxx


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