Waltzing Matilda ( warning you may need a tissue or two)

Are we sitting comfortably ? then we can begin..

This is the story of a couple in love, a princess called Matilda and a handsome horse called Prince.


This is Tilly ( aka Matilda) she is just so sweet, her mum Laura is British and her daddy Tim is Australian, the photo shoot was booked to take place at a gorgeous stables where Laura grew up, and where her horse Prince is kept.


This is prince, isnt he handsome..


Laura & Prince have been friends for 12 years, having a little one means you dont always get time to play as much as you’d like so Prince teaches other children to ride in his spare time !


what a gentle soul .

Laura, Tim & Matilda are leaving our shores at the end of the summer to start a new life in Australia so this shoot was all about making memories ..


Tilly in her christening gown ( worn previously by her Mum & Auntie!) looking cheeky ..


isnt she the cutest !


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